We assist Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in simplifying what it takes to start a Medical Cannabusiness venture.

For Entrepreneurs and Teams who seek personal and private One-on-One Hourly Consulting Sessions, we offer insight on every facet of the Medical Cannabis Industry including:

+ Expert Industry Insight

+ Market Analysis

+ Business Planning

+ Team Organization

+ Employee Training

+ Site Planning

+ Facility Design

+ Retail Operations

+ Brand Strategy

+ Regulatory Compliance

+ Investor Relations

Those looking to understand the end-to-end process of opening a Medical Cannabusiness, we offer a comprehensive, Custom Project Proposal that outlines the requirements for a obtaining a State license including:

+ Expert Industry Insight

+ State/Local Market Analysis

+ Business Model Development

+ Pre-License Strategy

+ Team Organization

+ Brand Strategy

+ Facility Zoning Analysis

+ Application Planning and completion

+ Real Estate Acquisition/Lease Assistance